About me

I have a love for all things pretty, flowery... and expensive!

From an early age, I have loved baking, probably resulting from a mother who hated baking cakes, so if my sister and I wanted a cake we had to make it ourselves! However, I have much to thank my mum for. She was a potter and artist, so as a kid I was always encouraged to be creative.

Over the years I have built an extensive list of favourite bakes and my chocolate brownies are renown amongst friends and frequently requested! Family and friends have called upon my skills over the years to create wedding, birthday & Christmas cakes and I always brings the dessert for Sunday lunches or dinners.

In 2017 I decided to change career path having spent 16 years working in sports marketing to spend more time with my children, Lily and Jack. It was then I decided to turn a love of baking, cakes and being creative into ‘Hannah’s Cake Box’.

Outside of baking, I love sport but my real passion is for equestrian related sports and can be often be found at a racecourse shouting home a long shot £2 bet! I try to keep fit by running, swimming, walking the dog and running around Windsor Great Park after the kids on their bikes – this is really to ensure I can try all those cakes I make.