Fillings and flavours

Every cake I make should not only look exquisite but it should taste delicious too.  All of my cakes are made from scratch and baked to order using the freshest of ingredients. 


I use Class A approved British eggs, real British butter, premium preserves, 100% Belgium chocolate and pure extracts and vanilla.  I do not use artificial flavourings in my cakes, it all comes from the ingredients or from natural flavours.  

All my cakes contain three evenly perfect layers of cake that are drizzled with home made flavoured sugar syrups to enhance and compliment the flavour of the cake.  This syrup also helps to keep the cakes moist, which as you can imaging for a wedding cake is so important when it takes a few days to make.  Between each layer of cake there is a generous layer of filling.  All my cakes are covered with a thin layer of chocolate ganache, either white, milk or dark, giving a nice solid base that allows me to achieve a smooth, sharp, clean flawless finish with fondant.


Example flavours

  • Victoria: 
    A vanilla sponge with a vanilla buttercream and strawberry preserve

  • Vanilla and Blueberry:  
    A vanilla sponge with a blueberry buttercream and blueberry preserve

  • Lemon, white chocolate and Limoncello:
    A lemon cake infused with lemon and limoncello, filled with a lush lemon curd and white chocolate buttercream

  • Deep Chocolate:
    A deep rich chocolate flavoured sponge filled with either a dark chocolate ganache or chocolate buttercream

  • Chocolate Orange:
    A deep chocolate cake infused with Cointreau and a rich chocolate butter cream with fresh orange

  • Chocolate and salted caramel:
    A deep rich chocolate cake filled with a salted caramel filling

  • Chocolate and Cherry: A deep chocolate cake with cherries filled with a white chocolate buttercream, black cherry preserve and infused with cassis.

  • Red Velvet:  
    A favourite amongst cake lovers.  Filling can either be a buttercream with cream cheese flavouring to give the traditionally essence or you could go for a dark or white chocolate ganache.  

  • Coffee and Walnut: 
    Coffee infused sponge  filled with layers of coffee and walnut filling

  • Sticky Toffee: 
    A traditional favourite turned in to a cake, sticky layers of cake with the traditional date goodness, filled with caramel filling and pecans

  • Carrot Cake
    With sultanas and walnuts filled with fresh orange buttercream

  • Ginger and rhubarb:  
    A moist ginger cake filled with a rich buttercream and rhubarb preserve.  

  • Rich Fruit Cake
    Soaked with either brandy or rum and matured for three months

I am happy to bake and create specific sweet tooth requests!



All my cakes are produced in an environment where gluten, nuts, milk and eggs are present.  I cannot guarantee that a product will be 100% free, so please do tell me at the time of ordering if you are intolerant of any of these ingredients.

Special requirements



Some of the cakes above contain nuts, but I can remove these on request if you suffer from a nut allergy. 

Gluten Free:
Most of my recipes can be covered to a gluten free recipe without affecting the taste.  In fact my coeliac friend tells me they are the best gluten free cakes she eats!

All may cakes are baked using ingredients that are suitable for vegetarians that eat butter and eggs

Dairy Free:
Again I can use a dairy free alternative in my cakes.  Please note that the finish on the cakes isn't quite as flawless as in a standard cake, so it may be worth thinking about having a separate cake if you are looking for having a tier in your wedding cake.