Welcome - Hannah’s Cake Box is launched

Well I am really excited, today is the launch of Hannah’s Cake Box! I say excited, but I am stepping my toe in to the world of unknown: Starting my own business and doing something completely outside my comfort zone, after 16 years of full time employment. So feelings are ranging from trepidation to euphoria and my head is spinning with 101 amazing cake ideas / creations, so I just want to jump in and get started.

Here on my blog you will encounter my icing creations, bakes, recipes and tutorials or ‘how to’ guides. Yes, I will upload items that are relevant to Hannah’s Cake Box, but I also love baking so will share my love of all things goeey, indulgent and extremely slimming... NOT! No doubt my blog will also incorporate how, as a mum, I manage to combine something I love with the day to day grind of family life. Yes, I have those days when the kids ‘bake,’ there are cracked eggs on the floor, we are all covered from head to toe in flour, the cat walks through it and finally, once the cake is out of the oven the dog then goes and eats half of it! However, licking the whisk (rarely now-a-days) of sweet baking delights always makes it better, or perhaps it is the glass of wine once the kids are clean and in their pyjamas at the end of the day?

Let’s be friends!

Email: Hannah@hannahscakebox.com

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Twitter: tweet me @Hannahscakebox

Instagram: hannahscakebox

Anyway, thanks for visiting Hannah’s Cake Box and my blog.

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